Vissza a lap tetejére

Please, choose a brand! 

Soon after Budapest Electroacoustic factory (BEAG) has fallen to pieces the subsidiary company in Nyíregyháza was reorganized as UNIVOX Ltd. It was able to continue the work and most of the large assortment of products of BEAG were further being produced. UNIVOX were a manufacturer of public adress (100V) systems both indoor and outdoor loudspeaker, microphones etc... This wide choice of products served our customers till the beginning of 2014. In 2014 Audio-Hungary Ltd. bought up Univox Ltd. and carried the name UNIVOX as a brand name. The profile of the firm has not come to an end, but the choice of the trademark has significantly changed. In autumn of 2015 Audio Hungary Ltd, has started it’s manufacturing of amplifiers for home amusement. It’s Brand name is QUALITON. Our mission is to make well designed and well constructed audio equipments, which can make great moments for the users. The wide choice of our products which are ready, and those which are only drafts, is diversified: There are conventional amplifiers based only on vacuum tubes, integrated compact sized amplifiers, preamplifiers with ultra low noise, distortion and extremely wide bandwidth. We think it is very exciting to use hybrid systems, which combines classical vacuum tubes with modern semiconductor electronics.