Qualiton P200 Classic Power Amplifier Debuted

Qualiton P200 Classic Power Amplifier Debuted
2022. 09. 09.

Qualiton P200 Classic Power Amplifier Debuted

The line-up of our Classic Series amplifiers has been expanded with a new member, the Qualiton P200 power amplifier, which was presented to the public for the first time at the HIGH END Munich 2022 exhibition.

The P200 is a versatile, high power amplifier, built on Tung-Sol KT120 (optionally KT150) beam tetrodes and our latest transformer designs. The P200 features the latest version of our sophisticated Automatic Bias Control System for the four power tubes too. This circuit continuously monitors the behavior of each tube and regulates the bias voltages accordingly, ensuring the smallest possible output voltage noise while guaranteeing the highest degree of linearity of the output stage. It also prevents the sensitive, high permeability transformer cores from saturating by precisely equalizing the quiescent currents of the power tubes. Finally, the bias system has a built-in soft-start function too, which prevents the tubes from drawing excessive current during start-up and eliminates pops and noises during power-up. The above means that no further adjustment is required once the electron tubes supplied with the unit have been installed, the circuit automatically takes care of everything.

The amp has two distinct modes of operation, STEREO and BRIDGE mode. You can change the operating mode by reconfiguring the output connections, then use a STEREO INPUT /BRIDGE INPUT selector switch to select the input source for the chosen operation mode.

In STEREO mode the P200 can be used as a conventional stereo power amplifier which has two unbalanced outputs for 4 or 8 Ohm speakers, with a maximum available output power of 2 x 100 W. In this mode you can connect an UNBALANCED or BALANCED stereo signal source to the amplifier.

In BRIDGE mode the P200 can be used as a monoblock power amplifier with a BALANCED input. In this mode you can concentrate the total output power of the P200 into a single channel: the two channels of P200 are fed from a monaural, symmetrical audio signal (BRIDGE input), and a single 8 Ohm loudspeaker can be connected between the two amplifier outputs, bridging the output terminals. The maximum available bridged, monaural output power is 1 x 200 W.

The Qualiton P200 is available from our authorized distributors and dealers (LINK). For more information, please visit the product page, where you can find the technical specifications of the P200, and you can also download the User's Manual (LINK).



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