Qualiton C200, New Preamplifier Introduced to Classic Series

Qualiton C200, New Preamplifier Introduced to Classic Series
2022. 09. 12.

Qualiton C200, New Preamplifier Introduced to Classic Series

To complete the line-up of our Classic Series, we designed a true all-rounder preamplifier, with beautifully balanced sound character, and one of the finest vintage tubes available, the Tungsram ECC83. The C200 uses 8 of them, so each output gets the flavour of these exceptional tubes.

As always, the most important aspect of the design process was to meet the widest possible range of user needs. Starting at the inputs, we have 4 UNBALANCED and 2 BALANCED line level inputs and a MM PHONO level input available. On the output side, the C200 is equipped with 2 UNBALANCED line level outputs (one of which can be connected to a subwoofer), we also have a BALANCED line level output and a HEADPHONE connection for dynamic headphones. With this set of I/O ports, users have plenty of options to connect the C200 into their system. And best of all, each output port carries the characteristics of classic Tungsram tube sound, while interference and noise levels have been reduced to the absolute minimum.

Along with the C200, we are also introducing an updated remote control, on which, in addition to the previous VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN and MUTE buttons, there is also a POWER ON/STANDBY button. After pressing this button, a circuit provides 1 minute of wake-up / warm-up time for the tubes. After this time, the C200's outputs will become active and ready for use.

The Qualiton C200 is available from our authorized distributors and dealers (LINK). For more information, please visit the product page, where you can find the technical specifications of the C200, and you can also download the User's Manual (LINK).


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