Qualiton 300B Integrated Stereo Amplifier Debuted

Qualiton 300B Integrated Stereo Amplifier Debuted
2024. 05. 06.

Qualiton 300B Integrated Stereo Amplifier Debuted

Today, we proudly unveil the latest addition to our product lineup: the Qualiton 300B, an integrated stereo amplifier delivering 2 x 25 Watts output power. Built around the captivating sound character of 300B power tubes, this amplifier harmoniously blends our classic heritage with modern details. It features refined vacuum tube circuits, which we have enhanced with several additional functionalities, including the Automatic Bias System, Filament Soft-Start, Relay Controlled Input Selection and Volume – just to name a few. Our sonic vision was clear: to create a smooth, musical, and well-balanced vacuum tube amplifier that excels across the entire audio frequency spectrum.

We invite you to experience the Qualiton 300B firsthand by visiting our booth F13 in Halle 2 between May 9th and 12th at the High End Society 2024 exhibition in Munich. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to explore hORNS Speakers Łukasz Lewandowski,  David Laboga Custom Audio and Eera's room F231a in Atrium 4.2 — where the magic of the Qualiton 300B comes alive.


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